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Super limited number of misprint copies of Ambryn & the Cheaters of Death

I received an order of incorrectly made Ambryns, and now I gotta unload them. These were made with an incorrect cover finish (semi-gloss instead of matte) and have a notably darker brown/red tint to the cover image itself. The interior is otherwise unchanged.

I have 16 of these left. They're $5 cheaper than a regular copy. First come, first serve.

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I have four signed copies of Adrians Untote, the German language publishing of Dark Recollections by Voodoo Press. First come, first serve.

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Welcome to the home of author Chris Philbrook


Welcome everyone. 

I'm a bit of a mess, being the owner and operator of now four websites.  I made this one to serve as a central online home for me as an author.  Here you can find a central location for information regarding all of my projects, as well as links to purchasing everything related to those projects.

I'm the author of three series' at the moment.  I'm most well known for the zombie novel series Adrian's Undead Diary.  That eight book epic is available on Barnes and,, and in finer bookstores all over the US.  AUD was optioned by Voodoo Press in early 2014 for the German speaking world too.  I'm also the creator and author of the dark fantasy series The Kinless Trilogy, set in my vast Elmoryn world.  Lastly, you might've stumbled across A Dragon Among Us, the urban fantasy about Tesser, the titanic dragon that has awoken beneath the city of Boston.

Take a look around, sign up if you like, and please don't be a stranger.  Without your support, there'd be no Tesser, no Malwynn or Umaryn, and no Adrian.

All the best,

-Chris Philbrook

To inquire about licensing or rights related to my works, please contact my literary agent Andrew Zack at The Zack Company here:

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Chris' blog
Only the Light We Make
Posted by Chris

Announcing open submissions for 'Only the Light We Make' Volume Three of Tales from the world of Adrian's Undead Diary.

With a foreword written by Mark Tufo and similar in theme to volume one, OTLWM will be composed of short stories written by fans and authors from the...Read More
Free books for the military

I support the Military.

No matter how you slice it, AUD is a story that is about a guy who served.  He gave up a lot of his life to protect his country, and the story appeals to men and women who did the same.  As a guy who has multiple family members who served or are still serving, as well as friends deployed, or back from deployment, my thoughts are with those in uniform daily.

Here's how this works.

Do you actively serve in the military?  Are you in the National Guard?  Do you have a unit that would enjoy a free copy of Dark Recollections, Tesser, or The Wrath of the Orphans?  Do you know a unit that would enjoy a free book?  Well, I want to send you one.

Scroll down to the bottom of this page and send me a message to get your free book.  Here's what needs to be in the message:

Your name.  Your unit name.  A shipping address for the unit, on a base, or a boat.  APOs are fine as well.  In fact, the more I can send to overseas guys, the happier I'll be.

Each book I send out will be signed by me, dedicated to the unit that has requested it. This is personal for me, and I want you guys and gals to know it.

I am not made out of money, so please don't pretend to be in the military to get a free signed book.  Also, all I ask is that the book be shared with all members of that unit, and if they liked it, please continue to share my writing with others.

Thanks to everyone who has supported AUD, Elmoryn, and A Dragon Among Us, and in this regard, thank you especially to the men and women who have served the nation I call home.

Here are some shots from Operation First Response's Walk for the Wounded:

My News
Friday, June 24, 2016
Only the Light We Make
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Thursday, May 12, 2016
OMG! Ambryn & the Cheaters of Death is up for audio pre-order!
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London Burns... in audio
Thursday, March 10, 2016
Orders taking a break
Wednesday, March 09, 2016
Listen to Mark, Armand and I act like poorly raised adults
Tuesday, March 08, 2016
Arm and Toof podcast!
Thursday, January 28, 2016
Tesser: A Dragon Among Us is now on audio
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